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Despite the fact that thousands of people report successful use of essential oils to help treat various health ailments, mainstream medical community tries to dismiss their claims. Essential oils are everywhere; if you follow any blogs, you will find them in DIY, survival, natural health, and mommy blogs. So do essential oils really work, or are they just expensive fragrant quackery?

What Are Essential Oils?
Essential oils carry the physical properties of flowers and plants in a highly concentrated form. Through the different processes of distillation, the volatile constituents of the plant’s oil are extracted from its flowers, leaves, branches, or roots. Essential oils carry biologically active volatile compounds in a very concentrated form that exhibit therapeutic benefits in very small amounts.

The most common groups of chemical components found in essential oils are terpenes, alcohols, esters, ketones, aldehydes, and phenols. Most essential oils are antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. The antioxidant value in some essential oils alone is absolutely amazing, just an ounce of Clove Oil has the antioxidant capacity of 450 lbs of carrots, 120 quarts of blueberries, or 48 gallons of beet juice.

There are three types of terpenes containes in essential oils: Phenylpropanoids (also called Hemiterpenes), Monoterpenes, and Sesquiterpenes.

Phenylpropanoids: Create conditions unfriendly to bacteria, viruses, and fungi. They are found in Clove (90%), Cassia (80%), Basil (75%), Cinnamon (73%), Oregano (60%), Anise (50%), Peppermint (25%). Most importantly, phenylpropanoids clean the receptor sites on the cells. Without clean receptor sites, cells cannot communicate, and the body malfunctions, resulting in diseases.

Monoterpenes: They are found in most essential oils. While offering a variety of healing properties, the most important ability of the monoterpenes is that they can reprogram miswritten information in the cellular memory. With improper coding in the DNA, cells malfunction and diseases result, such as cancer.

Sesquiterpenes: Found in Cedarwood (98%), Vetiver (97%), Spikenard (93%), Sandalwood (Aloes) 90%, Black Pepper (74%), Patchouli (71%), Myrrh (62%), and Ginger (59%), Frankincense (8%), these molecules deliver oxygen to your tissues. Viruses, bacteria, and cancer have a difficult time surviving in an oxygenated environment. Sesquiterpenes can also erase or deprogram miswritten codes in the DNA.

The Real Truth About Essential Oils that Nobody Talks About

Essential oils will not encourage “superbugs”
Bacteria have proven that they can mutate to form different kinds of resistant strains of “superbugs” to adapt to the toxic antibiotic drugs. Essential oils have never created a superbug. There have been hundreds of studies clinically proving their effectiveness against pretty much all bacteria, including MRSA and other superbugs.

Essential oils have been shown to have antiseptic properties against drug-resistant bacteria. According to research presented at the Society for General Microbiology’s spring meeting in Edinburgh, the essential oils of thyme and cinnamon were found to be particularly efficient antibacterial agents against a range of drug resistantStaphylococcus species which are extremely difficult to treat.

According to Science Daily, a Georgetown University research study found that the germ-killing properties of oregano oil were found as effective as most antibiotics — including vancomycin — for treatment of antibiotic-resistant superbugs such as E. coli, Salmonella, MRSA and flesh-eating bacteria.

Essential Oils address the causes of disease at a cellular level. Essential oils can penetrate the cellular wall and dispel viruses, whereas antibiotics can only kill bacteria outside of the cellular wall. One drop of essential oils contains enough molecules to cover every cell in our bodies. Just one molecule can open a receptor site in our bodies and communicate with the DNA to alter cellular function.

Essential oils can enter the body by many avenues.
There are approximately 40 million trillion molecules in one drop of essential oil (that’s approximately 40,000 molecules for each cell in the average human body). They are so small, that they enter your body through the skin and go everywhere in your body. Essential oils have an incredible ability to enter the body through the lungs and disperse throughout the body in a way that most other medicines are unable to achieve.

Essential oils can be diffused, applied topically, added to your food, added to your bath. Unlike conventional drugs, essential oils can work on all these interfaces at once. Essential oils can also be used topically to treat all sorts of conditions ranging from acne and allergies, to headaches and indigestion. Just a few drops of essential oil applied to the hands, wrists, feet, abdomen, or lower back can provide relief for a number of ailments.

Essential oils can erase misinformation in our cells.
Essential oils have the ability to clean receptor sites on the surface of cells which allows for the proper communication between cells. Essential oils have the ability to erase incorrect DNA and then to correct it.

Essential Oils can change your nervous system biochemistry.
A Japanese study found that inhaling essential oils can modulate your sympathetic nervous system activity. Certain oils were found to be stimulating, while others were found to be calming. For example, according to Dr. Mercola:
  • Black pepper, fennel, and grapefruit oil caused a 1.5-to 2.5-fold increase in sympathetic nervous system activity (as measured by an increase in systolic blood pressure) 
  • Rose and patchouli oil resulted in a 40 percent decrease in sympathetic nervous system activity 
  • Pepper oil induced a 1.7-fold increase in plasma adrenaline concentration, while rose oil caused adrenaline to drop by 30 percent
  • Other oils have been shown to measurably decrease stress hormones—inhaling lavender and rosemary were shown to reduce cortisol levels.25

When purchasing essential oils, keep in mind that they are not the same as synthetic fragrance oils, which in most cases are not safe to use on the skin. Pure essential oils are always natural.

Many oils also need to be diluted with a “carrier oil” such as coconut oil which serves as a base to add a few drops of essential oils to.

Always use a carrier oil when using essential oils on babies and children since their skin is much more sensitive to the effects.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

How I started using Young Living Essential Oils

When HA was admitted for about 2 weeks (3 days Pusrawi, 11 days PCMC), saya memang langsung tak denang duduk. Yes, I had to spend every second with HA because remember, his emotions memang tak stable langsung at thata time. Pada masa yang sama, I was struggling nak cari alternative to control and eventually stop the seizures. Every night after HA was asleep mulalah saya google sana sini, emailed orang sana sini to reach out alternatives for seizures treatment. Pada masa itu, belum kenal Dr Jo lagi. I blogged hop and reached to this one blog Kerna Kasih Kita. I was amazed with the effort of this little angle's mom, yang tak pernah putus asa to make his son's life better. Anak pemilik blog is a special child. Due to certain factors, anaknya juga sering terkena sawan. When his son was on epileptic medication, banyak window of development progress that he missed. Once he stopped the medication, his life changed a lot. bacalah sendiri blog itu utk cerita terperinci.

Mommy itu menggunakan essential oil for his son - not only for seizures but also for almost everything. And of course, dengan terapi yang konsisten. Perkara alternative ni memang akan mengambil masa. Yang penting kena rajin dan konsistent . So I contacted her to get this EO. For seizures, the must have EOs are Brain Power and Frankinsence. Harganya? Memang mahal. BP costs me RM241/5mL and Frankinsence RM114/5mL. Tapi untuk ibu-ibu yang desperate like me, pejam mata dan bayar sahaja.

Masa kat PCMC tu, I started apply EO on HA. My expectation was too high. Rasa macam bila sapu sekali tolonglah hilang terus the seizures. Of course tidak menjadi kenyataan. I read a lot about EO. Rupanya ramai parents di Malaysia yg mengalami masalah sawan pada anak-anak ini. Most of the cases, punca tak diketahui. I was added to the epelipsy group chat. Rasa lega at a point bila tahu I was not alone, From there bertukar pandangan dan ilmu, and I learnt the correct way to apply the EO. Sebab EO ni kena guna denganc ara yang betul utk kesan yg positive.

But bear in mind not all EOs sesuai utk seizures. There are certain EOs which can trigger seizures. So ini pun kena bnayk study juga sebab I also bought EOs for KA - stock up utk fever, batuk, selsema, sakit perut etc. Ada certain EO tu yang HA tak boleh pakai due to kandungan as below. So memagn kena belajar and study , if not kita main redah je then instead of nak control and stop seizures, makin teruk pulak jadinya nanti.

Experience after the Young Living EO :
  •  HA is more calm. Less tantrum, and boleh dibawa berbincang. Kalau sebelum tu, mommy nak tegur dia pun takut. Sebab asyik nak marah and mengamuk tak tentu pasal.
  • Frequency of seizures berkurang. Yep, tak hilang terus. Tapi berkurang banyak. Dari 5-7 kali sehari, jadi 1-2 kali sehari.
  • Length of each seizures reduced. Dari seminit lebih each episode, jadi 30s each episode.
  • The type of seizures berubah. Dari whole body fitting, dia jadi mata and mouth twitching sahaja. Or kadang-kadanf more to absence seizures (termenung).
Masa mula-mula apply EO, HA masih on medication. So I was happy that the EO boleh counter the effect of Keppra. Now HA dah off medication for almost 3 weeks now, so memang pakai EO utk prevent seizures. Of course while applying EO, kami masih teruskan terapi accupressure, minum air zam-zam dan sebagainya. Dan the other effort is we went for Rawatan Metafizik Aura As-Suffi. This one needs a separate entry.

So currently dengan 3 alternative treatments. Alhamdulillah bnyk perubahan and he is getting much much better. Please doakan yang terbaik untuk kami.

Still on EO lagi, selepas surgery perut HA jadi kembung sekembung kembungnya. Even after discharged perut dia masih kembung. Doctor just kata memang takes time nak pulih sebab usus HA diangkat setiap inch masa dia check during the surgery. During recovery perut akan mengeluarkan acid angin and entah apa-apa lagi, so mmg expected perut kembung and keras cenggitu. So I googled and decided to give DiGiZe essential oil a try.

Lepas 2 kali sapu, Alhamdulillah perut HA kempis to normal. Allahuakbar. Dengan izinNya. Sebelum tu dah 2 weeks dok letak segala minyak nak bagi kempis perut HA tapi takde kesan positive, Up to a point perut HA macam burnt sebab minyak telon bnyk sangat letak, and panas. But DiGize ni letak 2 kali saja dah ada kesan. DiGize is a blend EO means ianya consists of different EO, diblend jadi 1. Dalam dia ada kandungan Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Fennel, Lemongrass, Anise and Patchpuli oils. Bau dia memang tak sedap langsung. Mula-mula guna macam nak termuntah tapi now dah lali.

So far, bnyk juga EO yang saya dah kumpul utk kegunaan seisi rumah. Demam, batuk, luka kecil, tidur yang berkuality, anti-bacterial, selsema, heartburn, skait perut dan banyak lagi lah. So far, so good Alhamdulillah worth it lah dengan harganya. Agak mahal, tapi it's chemical free, all organic, cara penyediaan yang berkualiti - so takkan nak expect sepuluh inggit. If you got what I meant. To know more about EO, boleh contact saya okei - 0166590003.

Ok till then. Toodles.

Monday, May 4, 2015


4 days of long leave was well spent- at home :) 
(Padahal hati meronta-ronta nak sangat pergi ke mana-mana. Wanted to be off home itu sahaja. Apekah baru cuti beberapa minggu dah tak keruan kah dok rumah. Sigh )

Bukan itu.. Cuma kadangkala rasa penat sangat. No joke. Penat gila okei duduk rumah. Aku rasa kerja kat opis lagi relax. Seriously. You deserve my highest respect lah emak-emak surirumah sepenuh masa. Wa caya sama lu.

Lari topic. 

Alhamdulillah Aryan is getting much much better. He is a strong boy despite the difficult situations he had to go through. His seizures now almost disappear and we already off him from medication for about 2 weeks. I mentioned almost disappear because sometimes kalau dia terlampau stress, ada bunga-bunga macam nak jadi seizures juga but I would immediately alihkan focus dia and Alhamdulillah nanti tak jadi lah fit itu.Cuma his usus yang masih sakit. Sangat-sangat sakit pada waktu petang dia kata, Masa tu dok merengkot macam udang badan dia menahan sakit. Allahuakbar. Rasa I fail to be a mom because when he complains sakit perut the most that I could do is gosok perut dengan minyak. Sambil hati berdoa sungguh-sungguh Allah angkat segala kesakitan yang dia rasa. During our last follow-up visit with Dr Faizel, he said the effect of SJS could last for 2-3 months until complete recovery. Kegilaan apakah sampai 3 bulan weh?

Btw, currently kami sedang menjalani 3 rawatan alternative. First is Accupressure, Second is rawatan Islam As-Suffi, Third is using Essential Oil. All in parallel. Alhamdulillah we are seeing significant positive results and improvements, Alhamdulillah syukur Ya Allah.

With this experience, again aku memang dah skeptical dengan medication yang Aryan consume. Dalam kepala otak dah set yang his body akan ada intolerance with most of the medications. Dah 2 drugs did not work on him, what else do I want to expect from the rest? Thanks but no thanks. Like seriously, kalau happen to anak-anak awak sekalian, I bet you will feel the same.

Dalam pada masa yang sama, I feel pity for Khalif. Dia macam sangat kekurangan kasih sayang sebab I have to focus more on Aryan. And sebab kena and almost wajib menjaga emosi si abang, adik kena beralah all the time. Several times yang Khalif baru nak breastfeed, bila Aryan nampak dia jeles. Terus merengek nak mommy pakaikan baju, mommy Aryan nak shi shi and whatnots. Once he started merengek, that means it's now now now. Maka terpaksalah pujuk Khalif utk breastfeed kendian. Tu belum masuk bab kalau tgh dukung Khalif, tetiba Aryan nak dukung jugak (which means no sharing), and terpaksa letak Khalif dulu. Dan bab barang-barang yg mmg tak boleh nak share. Everytime things like this happen,aku memang menangis dalam hati terkenangkan si adik. Dengan muka kesian dia, air mata bergenang lagi.. Haih. We have to really work on their bonding. Which is part of the therapy anyway. 

Full story of our experience aku tulis di sini. I found it very hard to get info/sharing pasal seizures & epilepsy on the web (in Malaysia context). Tak ramai yang willing to share. That's why I decided to create a specific blog to evidence our journey on this. Hopefully it will create awareness and also help other parents yang clueless macam aku masa mula-mula gone through this. 

Till then. Nyte.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Nikmat ujian

Terima kasih banyak-banyak yang terus mendoakan Aryan. Keluarga dan kawan-kawan yang terus bertanya khabar, whatssapp,sms, call - semuanya saya hargai. Sememangnya bila kita diuji olehNya, sokongan dari orang-orang sekeliling yang amat-amat kita perlukan. Kalau ada whatssapp yang tak ter-reply tu, I am so sorry. Kadang-kadang hati rasa mahukan sedikit ruang. Tangan berat bukan main nak meng-reply. Saya minta maaf ya. Apa-apa pun, semoga doa-doa kalian akan terus membuat kami kuat.

Alhamdulillah, Aryan dah semakin sembuh. Walaupun dia masih belum completely 100% pulih, tapi saya gembira dengan perubahan demi perubahan positif padanya. Kepada yang macam diserang tanda tanya Aryan ni kenapa sebenarnya, sampai kena surgery bagai - sekali lagi saya minta maaf. Bila ada 100 org yang bertanya melalu whatssapp (ni aku exaggerate takdelah 100 org yg tanya. hekhke), sekali lagi hati macam berat nak bercerita. Ada certain-certain aku copy paste copy paste je. Ekekeke. Bagi aku, walau apa pun sakit Aryan ni, yang penting doakan kesihatan yang baik untuk dia. Itu dah cukup besar untuk kami k.

Nak dipendekkan cerita, yang lama Aryan kat hospital hari tu sebab dia kena Steven Johnson Syndrome (SJS). (Appreciate if korang boleh google untuk keterangan lanjut. Mak tak kosa dan sebenarnya tak reti nak explain pepanjang). Dalam kata mudah, reaction dia terhadap ubat, menyebabkan radang di usus Aryan. Maka kena do surgery to find out what it actually is so the correct treatment can be performed.

Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a rare, serious disorder of your skin and mucous membranes. It's usually a reaction to a medication or an infection. Often, Stevens-Johnson syndrome begins with flu-like symptoms, followed by a painful red or purplish rash that spreads and blisters. Then the top layer of the affected skin dies and sheds.
Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a medical emergency that usually requires hospitalization. Treatment focuses on eliminating the underlying cause, controlling symptoms and minimizing complications.
Recovery after Stevens-Johnson syndrome can take weeks to months, depending on the severity of your condition. If it was caused by a medication, you'll need to permanently avoid that drug and others closely related to it.
Pastu nanti mesti lah korang tanya, ubat apa yg Aryan allergic ni? Jawapan dia, ubat kepada seizures yang terjadi tiba-tiba tanpa sebab yang nyata itu.

Disebabkan ubat pertama tu menyebabkan SJS, doktor is currently trying a new medication. So far so good, no adverse effect on him. But aku tak boleh terima ubat tu sebab it turns him to a different behaviour. Less active, sometime moody tak memasal, emotionally unstable etc.etc.etc. So aku ni kan paranoid kak selemah, macam-macam aku study on macam mana supaya tidak rely on ubat-ubatan hospital ini. Because deep in my heart, I know Aryan is a strong boy. He can go through this provided that I am strong enough to battle.

Dah la aku ni memang very hospital oriented type of person. Anak deman sikit pun bawak pegi hospital. I am not saying pergi hospital tak bagus ya, don't get me wrong. What i'm trying to say is, based on these 2 months experience juggling with the kids' health, I've learnt quite a lot about drugs, the effects and whatnots. So kalau sakit sikit-sikit macam flu, cold, fever - not necessary to telan panadol or utk anak-anak macam-macam cara sebenarnya boleh buat to control instead of terus bagi pcm, ibuprofen dan sebagainya. (Ini pandangan aku, kalau tak setuju takpe okeh)

Untuk Aryan, aku tgh all out trying alternative treatment. Alhamdulillah banyak perbezaan compared to 3 weeks ago. Currently tengah on acupressure therapy and also the application of essential oils. Thank you to a mother who inspires me and yang memperkenalkan essential oil ni kat aku. Not only for Aryan, skrang satu rumah aku dah essential oil-kan. For wellness and health dgn kekdah natural gitu. Yang accupressure tu pun of course sangat-sangat membantu Aryan. Nampaknya after few session nampak dia serasi Alhamdulillah.

Actually I did write details of our experience in another blog. Tapi macam tak ready lagi nak bagitahu the blog sebab kucar-kacir and huru-hara aku rasa. Nanti dah ready mental and fizikal aku bagitahu oke!

Okeh. Thanks a lot for your prayes and please keep doakan kesihatan Aryan dan keluarga kami. Amin,

Saturday, April 11, 2015

So called SAHM

Pejam celik pejam celik sudah masuk the 3rd week aku cuti tanpa gaji. Ya Allah I am so blessed having this opportunity to actually 'live' with the kids. Selalunya sehari dalam 3 hours sahaja dapat bermain dengan diorang, 6 hours tidur dengan diorang. Weekend sahaja baru dapat mengadap depa betul-betul. Itu pun kalau aku tak gatal nak pegi spa ke or konon me-time.

The past 2 weeks had been hectic I tell ya. MasyaAllah memang besar ujian Allah untuk keluarga kami. But MNI selalu ingatkan aku, kalau Allah nak bagi sesuatu kebaikan untuk kita, Dia akan timpakan musibah kepada kita. Kalau kita insaf diri dan perbaiki kekurangan diri, pasti kebaikan demi kebaikan yang kita akan terima selepas ini, Insha Allah. Amin Ya Rabb.

My routine had totally changed. Ingatkan bila tak kerja boleh lah bangun pukul 10. Haha in your dream. Morning starts as early as 6am. Sama je macam pergi kerja. Kena mandi semua siap pagi-pagi before the kids wake up. Kalau tak, merasa la badan belengas kol 11 kang baru dapat mandi ;p

Lepas mandi siap segala, layan Khalif mandikan dia yada..yada..yada.. Sebab Aryan bangun lambat around 830am. Lepas dia bangun, baru kita bergegas pegi beli breakfast. Haha tak buat breakfast ya, sebab pepagi berperang jugaj dengan Khalif susah nak buat kerja. Kalau aku ada, memang bebudak 2 orang ni pandang bibik seblah mata pun tak. Semua nak begayut kat mommy. Lagipun Aryan ni, kalau kata dia today nak makan lontong, maka lontong lah. He is very particular pasal breakfast, So daripada aku penat masak nasi lemak, sekali dia nak makan roti canai pulak. baik aku angkut dia pegi beli makan siap.

Lepas breakfast layan budak 2 orang t tengok kartun. Hekhek. Pukul 11 pagi mula berperang di dapur masak lunch. Kena masak cepat dik non sebab Aryan kol 12pm dia dah minta nasik.

Makan solat bagai tup tup dah pukul 2pm. Siap-siap tidurkan the kids. Dengan maknya selalu membuta sampai pukul 330-4pm macam tu. Banguna tidur berperang pulak siapkan tea time.

Lepas tea time dalam pukul 530, sila beperang lagi skali masak untuk dinner pulak. Ya aku amsak 2 kali sehari ya, sebab MNI dia suka masakan panas-panas. So tengahri aku masak simple simple je utk anak-anak, diri sendiri and bibik, malam baru kita masak fancy sikit kekdahnya.

Tengah masak nanti dengarlah 'semekomm'.. Uuuuhh lega. Lakiku dah balik. Boleh dia take turn pulak layan the kids. Hekhek. Siapkan air minum ptg utk laki (wah mithalis sgt bunyik dia khen), pastu mandikan bebudak siap-siap solat maghrib.

Lepas tu dinner. Then solat isya. Pastu masuk sarang - tido! Hoih. Bliss gila hidup macam ni.

Boleh la kata bliss sebab literally kerja aku kat rumah jaga anak and masak sahaja. Kerja rumah lain semua bibik yang buat. Aku masak pun, sememangnya memasak sahaja. Preparation potong bawang blend hapa segala, aku taichi bibik. Basuh kuali lap dapur semua bibik. Sebab tu aku rajin masak. hek hek.

Apa pun, i cant imagine other SAHM yang maidless. Wa salute korang habes! Taking care of the kids is a huge job. Membuat kerja rumah lain is another big job. Mungkin orang yg boleh hidup mata tak semak sangat tengok lantai berhabuk, or toilet tak berkilat, then tak sakit otak sgt memikir. Macam aku, mata cepat sakit tengok benda tak teratur. Pasti aku asyik nak mengemas, pastu penat, pastu sakit hati sebab penat, pastu membebel, pastu marah anak. Hoih apa pun tak boleh. So lebih baik aku dok diam-diam jaga anak, kerja rumah bibik bereskan.

Ok sekian, Nak pegi buat cekodok pisang pulak. Looking at Aryan's condition and his progress, nampak gaya macam kena sambung cuti lagi. Tapi tak email boss lagi. Takut pun ada (Ko dah knapa?), Apela perception dia kat aku nanti. Tengokla next week macam mana, baru bgth ke. Aku nak ensure Aryan dah btul-btul sihat and dah boleh pergi school baru aku rasa comfortable utk start working. Im pretty sure all mommies out there if you are in my shoes pun, you will do the same.

Toodles !

Thursday, March 26, 2015

5 days to the end of Q1..

.. and Hello GST ! Hemph!

2015 has not been quite nice to me so far. Sobs. But I take it as a lot to learn, muhasabah diri, apa yang berlaku pasti ada hikmah di sebaliknya. Because He is the best planner.

Banyak dugaan kesihatan dalam keluarga kami. Started since end of January until now. In fact I am in the hospital taking care of my little hero.

End of January
I had prolong flu and sakit tekak + batuk. Demam was on-off at that time. But being me who is so malas to go to the clinic, I just consumed panadol and ubat selsema MNI yg mmg ready stock kat rumah. The thought of ala-sakit-biasa-biasa-aje rupa rupanya adalah tidak biasa because pada satu pagi tu,while besiap-siap nak pergi kerja I felt macam ada blockage in my right ear. After that tup tup tak dengar dah seblah telinga. But masih positive sebab rasa diri begitu gagah so I decided to still go to work.

At the office, after lunch muntah dengan teruk, feeling vertigo I could not walk. Pening dan jatuh, Lepas lega-lega pergi surau dan tido. Tak balik rumah sebab malas nak susahkan MNI. (We already moved permanently to Nilai Impian. So kalau MNI nak hantar aku balik, means dia pun kena balik terus jugak). Set appointment with ENT specialist at Nilai Medical Centre (NMC), jumpa Doc Raymond on Monday and wallaaah kena warded iya. Sebab infection telinga sudah masuk ke telinga bahagian dalam. I was on antibitic through the IV for 4 days tapi tak jalan ya. Body gave no response, so ended up with surgery menebuk gegendang telinga supaya infection itu dapat keluar. Gone 2 weeks di situ - hospitalisation + MC. Now after 3 follow up Alhamdulillah gegendang telinga telah tumbuh kembali. Lesson learnt- kalau selsema dah sampai 2 weeks please go and check. Possibility to have infection telinga, hidung mahupun tekak.

CNY Holiday - End of Feb
We went to Bayou Lagoon Melaka. The weather was extremely hot, tapi the kids mandi dari pukul 9 pagi until 2 ptg. So just imagine berjemur mandi manda di tengah panas. Balik dari Bayou Lagoon the kids were ok. Makan, keletihan and terus tidur, The next day tu Aryan kelihatan sangat penat and bila suruh dia mandi, dengan tiba-tiba he got seizures in the toilet - which aku ingatkan dia main-main. After few minutes he was ok. Selang beberapa jam selepas tu, dia kena lagi seizures.

So we brought him to Pantai Hospital Melaka which they referred us to Hospital Besar Melaka. It was a long story but later boleh share secara details.They performed CT Scan -after 2 nights Aryan was discharged but kena follow up to do MRI because CT Scan was not conclusive.

So we made an appointment with Doc Adrian at Gleneagles Hospital KL.

Tak sempat sampai hari appoitment, Aryan kena seizures again. So we brought him to Gleneagles E&A, Doc Adrian checked and kena warded lagi sekali. They performed MRI and EEG on Aryan, But results also inconclusive and the stories between semua test-test yg telah dilakukan adalah tidak connected. Doc Adrian advised to refer Aryan's case to Doc Faizel at Prince Court Medical Centre. Maka berpindahlah kami ke PCMC and sambung duduk wad di sana.

Stayed there for a week and discharged with some medication.

Kehidupan seperti biasa.... untuk 2 weeks,

Aryan started complaining sakit perut, muntah-muntah dengan teruk dan cirit-birit. Of cos with all the symptoms ingatkan dia food poisoning. Sampai one night dia dah lembik, we brought him to PCMC again but unfortunately full bed. So we headed to Hospital Pusrawi because Aryan memang kena drip jugak malam tu.

We had bad experience at Pusrawi -stayed there for 2 nights with no clear diagnosis, medication plan and bnyk benda yang kami tidak berpuas hati. We insisted to be transferred to PCMC to see Doc Faizel again.

So here we are, at PCMC for the 9th day; counting days to be discharged. Aryan baru undergone surgery on his abdomen. Still in recovery process.

Because of I cannot handle hal berkenaan kesihatan anak-anak together with work, I decided to take unpaid leave. That answers this post-- macam sempat plak kau tulis blog ni khenn. Ahha.
Aku dah tak boleh fikir hal opis. So I just let go and focus on the kids and family.

Phew I am so drained. Gila kau bape bnyk hospital keluar masuk macam check in hotel pulak. I really want to post reviews on each hospital especially bnyk perkara yg aku complain, yang aku puas hari sgt pun ada etc. Nilai Medical Centre-Pantai Melaka-Hospital Besar Melaka- Gleneagles KL- Pusrawi KL - PCMC KL : all in ~6 weeks.

Later lah. Mak tak janji sempat ke idok nak review bagai. Post jalan-jalan vacation before ni pun tak tertulis-tulis. Hoih must be the aging factor. Btw this year vacation kena freeze u ols. MNI kata cuti-cuti dalam Malaysia sahaja. Sebab harga minyak jatuh, ringgit tengah lemah dan ditambah pula now bini dia is a suri rumah. Ehhe.

Toodles korangs, Please pray for a good health of our family. Amin,

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mati segan hidup tak mahu

Kasihan blog saya ini.. Dipinggir kemain lama lagi.
Very challenging year tahun ni. Bagi aku tarik napas hembus napas dulu, then kita hapdet slowly oke?